Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan


Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan

Office of the Registrar

Mr. Nazeer Ahmed Mngnejo, Registrar-SALU


Duties and function:

Registrar is an administrative position and head of the University’s administration, he is responsible to frame academic policies being a secretary of the university’s governing bodies and head of subsections of the administration.

The registrar office proceeds the responsibility of being caretaker and custodian of all students’ academic data. The Registrar Office is the backbone of University which plays vital roles in assistance from the day a student enrolls into the system till the day student passes out. Usually responsible for admissions and academic policies, academic scheduling, front line service and support.

The Registrar office comprises on main 04 Sections:

1. Administration Section
2. Teaching Section
3. Academic-I/Meetings Section
4. General & Academic-II Section

Key Functions of the Academic-I (Meetings Section)

The purpose of board meetings is usually to make decisions, set policy, solve problems and to plan and evaluate. Undoubtedly we realize that these kinds of meetings are of great importance for an organization, so the meeting section has great importance as it keeps records of each and every board meeting. Apart from its importance the following tasks are to be accomplished by this section.

  • The Meeting Section is responsible to maintain the record various authorities of the University i.e., Senate Syndicate, Academic Council, Board of Faculties, Board of Studies.
  • This section constitute all the bodies of the authorities as per University Code and arranges to hold the meetings of the various bodies.
  • It schedules Elections to elect the members on the boards of Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council etc.
  • This section calls the meetings of the bodies and prepares the Agenda and Working Papers.
  • The Meetings Section announces the Minutes of the meetings and arrange to note the follow-up actions on various decisions of the bodies.
  • The section maintains the files of all the bodies regarding their formation, elections and other routine proceedings.

Authorities of the University

  • Senate.
  • Syndicate.
  • Academic Council.
  • Advanced Studies & Research Board (ASRB).
  • Selection Board.
  • Board of Faculties.
  • Board of Studies
    Affiliation Committee.
  • Finance & Planning Committee (FPC).
  • Students Discipline Committee.

Key Functions of the General & Academic-II Section

This branch deals with academic matters under the administration of Registrar to coordinate for the following matters:

  1.  To process the recommended Syllabus, courses and matters regarding registration for placing before the Academic Council.
  2. Issuance of general notifications regarding academic matters of the University related to Semester Examinations, pre-admission tests, security and discipline committee.
  3. To process and finalize the matters regarding Enrollment, Eligibility, Migration, correction in record of the regular students for issuance their certificates.
  4. To deal the matters regarding fee concession of needy and meritorious students and children of employees.
  5. This year awarded scholarships to 237 deserving needy students in collaboration with Auqaf & Religious Department, Govt. of Sindh.
  6. Also awarded scholarship to the 424 deserving students with the collaboration of District Administration of Khairpur.

Staff Members

Mr. Nazeer Ahmed Mngnejo, Registrar-SALU

(0243) 9280066,


Mr. Bagh Ali Jalbani

Deputy Registrar (Admin)

(0243) 9280068,

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