Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan


Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan

Directorate of Admissions

Muhammad Hassan Halepoto Director


The Directorate of Admissions was established in the year 2008-09 for improvement of prevailing system of admission in BS& Master Programs under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.  The devoted team of experienced officers and staff is working hard for the welfare of the students in the University.

The Main Functions of the Directorate

The   Directorate   of   Admissions   advertises   the   admissions   through   the newspapers, website of the University and displays the Banners/posters   on   the prominent places   of   the   Sukkur   and   Larkana regions.

The admissions are being made through transparent system of the pre-entry test purely on merit and results of the pre-entry test are declared on the same day of the test and upload on the website of the University.

The complete record of Admissions and collection of fees is being computerized.

To update data/information is also available at the office of the Directorate and same is being provided to the HEC, Federal and Sindh Government agencies as and when desired.


  1. Mr. Muhammad Hassan Halepoto, Director
  2. Mr. Ghulam Hussain Mangrio, Clerk
  3. Mr. Manthar Ali Mangrio, Clerk
  4. Mr. Azharuddin Katohar, Clerk
  5. Mr. Shoukat Ali Shaikh, Clerk

General Instructions & Eligibility Criteria for Admission

1. Every candidate desirous of taking admission to the Bachelor program, shall fill in the online admission form available at official website of the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur ( The interested candidates are directed to upload all the necessary documents along with challan of Rs. 2500/- deposited through HBL Konnect as application Processing Fees.

2. Candidates shall send the printed version of application form along with copy of documents and original challan to the office of the Director Admissions.

3. As per instructions of Government of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission, every candidate has to write his/her own NIC number available on the CNIC or Form-B.

4. Every candidate shall supply three copies of his/her recent photograph (two passport size and one (1’x 1. ½”), duly attested, along with the admission form.

5. The candidates from Sindh province, who have passed Intermediate (HSC-II) or equivalent examination from 2020 to 2023, from any Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education can apply for the admissions.

6. Candidates from other provinces can also apply on the reserved seats only.

7. A candidate who has already completed Bachelor’s pass Degree is not eligible for admission to BS course in any discipline.

8. Anyone who has passed the Bachelor’s / Associate Degree examinations from this or any other recognized University shall be eligible to seek admission to BS Part-III provided that he/she fulfills the requirement of minimum of marks and other conditions of admissions as may be prescribed.

9. A candidate who has passed 2 years Bachelor / ADE examination earliest in 2016 with a minimum of 50% marks from this or any other recognized University shall be eligible for admission in BS Part –III and will be awarded the BS(4 Years) Degree on completion.

10. A candidate having completed their regular scheme of study in BS/M.A/M.Com/MPA/MBA or any other 16 Year regular programs shall not be eligible for admission in 16 years program.

11. Those students who have 16 years Business education are eligible to apply for MBA 1.5 year program.

12. A candidate who desires to take admission in the University be a national of Pakistan. The foreigners may be considered for admission only when nominated/recommended by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan.

13. The candidate shall have to produce the following documents in original along with their attested Photostat copies:
i. Pass/Marks Certificate of the last Qualifying Examination;
ii. Transfer Certificate from Principal of the College /Institute last attended;
iii. Character Certificate from Principal of the College /Institute last attended.
iv. Affidavit / Undertaking as prescribed.

14. A candidate who has passed examination from other university & from any board other than the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Sukkur & Larkana shall not be admitted to any class unless he/she obtains a certificate of eligibility from Shah Abdul Latif University, However, the Registrar may issue a provisional admission certificate if he is satisfied that the applicant is prima facie eligible for admission in the University on the condition that he/she obtains a final certificate of eligibility before such date as may be fixed by the Vice Chancellor.

15. Vice Chancellor may refuse admission to any candidate without mentioning any reason.
16. All the admissions shall be provisional until approved by the Vice Chancellor.
17. A student of the University admitted to any discipline as a regular student shall not appear in any examination as an external candidate during his/her University studentship.

18. No change of department shall be allowed once the admission is taken.

19. A student shall do all the necessary written work, tutorial and seminars as directed by his/her teachers to his /her /their satisfaction.

20. A student shall do nothing, either in or outside the University that may interfere with the orderly administration and discipline or may bring the University and its administration into disrepute.

21. The admission of student shall stand cancelled automatically if he/she occupies the University hostel or any other part forcibly or illegally.

22. The University authorities shall not be responsible for providing transport facility to the students as transportation charges are not included in the fees.

23. The regular student is required to maintain at least 75% of attendance as eligibility to appear in the examination.

24. No student shall be re-admitted without the prior permission of the Vice Chancellor, in case his/her admission is cancelled due to any reason.

25. No ex-student shall be given access to the facilities of using the library, laboratories, seminars, etc. without the prior permission of the Vice Chancellor.

26. Each student admitted to a four-year program or post-graduate class shall obtain identity card on the prescribed form on payment of the prescribed fee.

27. If identity card is lost or destroyed, a duplicate must be obtained immediately at the payment of Rs.300/=

28. Any student who is enrolled in the evening program will not be allowed to transfer to the morning program.

29. Refund of fees as per HEC criteria given bellow:

Table I: showing the eligibility for admission in BS/B.Com/BPA/BBA/BA-LLB/B.ED/Pharm-D Programs offered in the various Institutes/departments, for the candidates who have passed H.S.C-II in different groups.
Table II: Showing the eligibility for admission in BS Part-III, MBA (3.5 year) & MBA (1.5 year) programs offered in the various Institutes/departments

Procedure to Apply For Admission

1. Application for admission shall be submitted online by the eligible candidate, on ( after completing the online form candidates have to send the printed version of form along with required documents, photos and original challan of Rs. 2500/-
2. In case of foreign candidates, the recommendation and undertaking on the prescribed proforma for the admission and the guarantee for the payment of fees and good behavior should come from the concerned Embassy/High Commission/Consulate General.

3. Every student is required to submit an undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.50/= duly attested by a Deputy District Officer (Revenue) along with admission form.


Seats on Self-finance

The number of seats in each teaching Institute/Department as mentioned in the allocation of seats are reserved on self-finance. The candidate who could not seek admission on the allocated merit seats can apply on the self-finance basis. The eligibility condition will remain same as defined. In case the application forms received are more than the allocated number of seats, merit will be observed accordingly.

Fee Structures of All Faculties

Admission Fee On Self-Finance Basis For Overseas Students

Overseas students who are seeking admission shall have to pay $ U.S. 1000/= per year.

Merit Formula

Matriculation 10%
Intermediate 30%
Admission Test 60%


In case of provision of USET (Passed) score card the merit will be made on following criteria.

Matriculation 10%
Intermediate 30%
Admission Test 36% (60% of Admission Test Score)
USET Test. 24% (40% of USET Test Score).


Cancellation of Admission

A student who remains absent continuously for one month from the date of the commencement of classes without intimation to the head of the concerned department/Institute, his/her admission shall stand cancelled automatically without serving any notice upon him/her.



Conduct and Discipline of Students

Subject to the provisions of the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Act-1986, the following regulations are made with the concurrence of the Vice Chancellor/the Syndicate:

1. The Discipline Committee shall meet as and when necessary to consider the reports on matters relating to discipline of students and shall be the final authority to determine whether an act of indiscipline has been proved or not. It shall then advise the Vice Chancellor on the action to be taken in conformity with the regulations that follow.
2. Discipline among the students of the University and those of affiliated colleges/post-graduate centers shall be enforced & maintained by the Vice Chancellor.
3. The Vice Chancellor shall supervise and control discipline through the following officers:
a. In the Institute through the Directors of the Institutes concerned.
b. In the University Teaching Departments through the Directors/Chairpersons of the Teaching Departments.
c. In Hostels through the Director/Dean, Students Affairs/Provost.
d. In colleges/post-graduate centers through the Principals concerned.
e. In Public place and on occasion of public gathering within or outside the University campus through the student Advisor or any other authorized officer of the University.
4. The students Advisor or any authorized officer shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor on such terms & conditions as the syndicate may determine from time to time.
5. The Vice Chancellor may appoint Assistant Students Advisor on the recommendation of the Students Advisor or any authorized officer on such terms and conditions as the syndicate may determine.
6. The following among others, shall constitute acts of in-discipline for which action may be taken against the student or students concerned by the officer mentioned under clause 3:-
a. Breach of any rule of public morals, such as:
i. Use of indecent or uncivilized language.
ii. Use of immodest dress.
iii. Use of undesirable remarks or gestures.
iv. Disorderly behavior, such as shouting abusing, quarrelling, fighting & insolence.
v. Carrying, using or threatening to use firearms and deadly weapons.
b. Defiance of authority
c. False presentation or giving false information of willful suppression of information, cheating or deceiving.
d. Visiting the place declared “Out of Bounds” for students.
e. Visiting, without pass, places which are not to be visited without a pass.
f. Inciting or staging a walkout, a strike or an unauthorized procession.
g. Shouting of slogans derogatory to the prestige of the University or the reputation of its officers or teachers.
h. Being found under the effect of an intoxicant.
i. Immorality.
j. Action defamatory of and derogatory to Islam and other religions and Pakistan.
k. Abetting use of unfair means at an Examination.
l. Indulging in activities prejudicial and detrimental to good order on the campus.
m. Unauthorized use of or damaging university’s moveable or immovable property.
n. All such other activities, which the Vice Chancellor may consider as breach of discipline.

7. Punishment or penalty for any of the offence mentioned on the above clauses shall be according to gravity of the case and may be applied one or more offences of the following:
1) A record in the Red Book maintained by the Student Advisor or any authorized officer.
2) Fine, which may amount to Rs 500-00 or more.
3) Expulsions from the class, hostels for a specified period.
4) Detention from Examination.
5) Cancellation of Examination results or withdrawal of certificate granted: and
6) Expulsion or rustication from the University for a specified period or for good.

8. The authority to impose punishment or penalty shall be exercised by the officers to the extent given below:
a. The Vice Chancellor may:
i. Fine a student up to Rs 500-00 or more for each single offence and deprive him/her of
privileges and positions open to students.
ii. Detain a student from a University Examination.
iii. Cancel the admission of a student or refuse to admit a student without giving any reason.
iv. Direct a Principal to cancel the admission of a student or direct the Principal not to admit a student;
v. Debar, expel or rusticate a student for specified period or for good.

b. The students advisor or any authorized officer may:
i. Fine a student up to Rs 250-00 for each single offence.
ii. Expel a student from the University Campus for the maximum period of 15 days.
iii. Make an adverse report to the Vice Chancellor regarding a candidate for admission.
iv. The Students Advisor or any authorized officer shall maintain a Character Role of all students of the University.

c. Dean of a Faculty or Principal of Colleges may:
i. Fine a student up to Rs 250-00 for each single offence: and
ii. Expel a student from the Faculty / College for 15 days.
d. Director of the Institute / Chairpersons of the department concerned may:
i. Fine a student up to Rs 100-00 for each single offence:
ii. Expel a student from the institute/ department for a week.
e. Director Students Affairs/Provost may:
i. Fine a student up to Rs 250-00 for each single offence: and
ii. Expel student from hostel for a month.

9. The Student Advisor or any authorized officer shall, from time-to-time prepare a list of places which, in his opinion should be “out of bound” for students and shall place it before the Vice Chancellor for approval. Immediately on approval, the authorized officer shall, from time-to-time, prepare a list of places which may not be visited without a pass during certain hours and after approval by the Vice Chancellor, notify it to all officers mentioned in clause-3.
10. The Director of Institute and the Chairpersons of the teaching Departments shall be responsible for the maintenance of discipline among the students of their Institute/Departments subject to the statutes and regulations of the University.
11. The Principals of the affiliated colleges shall be responsible for the maintenance of discipline among the students of statutes and regulations of the University.
12. The certificate/degree/diploma and other documents of a student involved in a case of breach of discipline may be withheld till the final disposal of the case.
13. If any case not covered by the fore-going regulations, the Syndicate shall, on the report of the Disciplinary Committee, take such disciplinary action against the student or students concerned as the circumstance of the case may demand.
14. The Syndicate may consider the appeals of the students involved in the case of breach of discipline on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor.

Semester Rules & Regulations

The minimum passing marks from the academic year 2017 to 2022 will be 60% in each course. However students already enrolled in previous years will continue with old policy (50% passing marks).

The other semester rules shall be:
i. Every student shall have two more chances along with the third original chance to clear the papers.
If he/she fails and improvers will have same number of chances. However, the students with grade
C in any subject can improve the paper.
ii. The Grade Point Average (G.P.A) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (C.G.P.A) of each student shall be determined as under:

Minimum G.P.A for Award of Degree
The minimum G.P.A shall be 2.0 for award of degree to a student provided he/she passed all courses.
Further semester rules will be same as per existing semester rules in the University.

Break-up of Marks in Each Course
A. Each course carries 100 marks of which 50 marks are reserved for Mid-Semester marks awarded by teacher during the conduct of classes and 50 marks for the Final test.

Attendance Requirement

The class attendance requirement for each student shall be 75% in each course to become eligible for appearing in the mid-Semester and final tests.

Semester Committee

There is a Semester Committee in every department/ Institute comprising the Director/Chairperson and three most senior teachers of the department. The Semester Committee members shall re-assess/re-examine the paper(s) of the student, on his/her application. The decision of the Semester Committee shall be final. A student may apply for re-assessment for any paper within (15) days after the departmental announcement of the result on payment of Rs: 500/- (Rupees five hundred) per paper.


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