Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan


Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Mushtaque Ali Jakhrani, Director


The Institute of Chemistry is one of the largest and 2nd oldest disciplines catering state of the art education in chemical sciences. The Institute of chemistry has played vital role as nucleus among all disciplines of sciences particularly in biological/chemical sciences. The previous triumphs of chemistry include the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, while current challenges include chemical memory, solar cells, superconductors, clean fuels, batteries, and the solution of numerous important problems relating to health and the environment. Understanding of Chemistry is significant and substantial in today’s era of constant scientific discovery which is shaped by revolutionary new technologies. The chemical sciences are essential to overcome the global problems of today’s world which covers all the branches of Chemistry.

The institute of chemistry is setting up its graduates who can meet the challenges of corporate sector around the globe.

We are proud to mention our graduates are serving on the leading positions in pharmaceutical industries, atomic energy commission, health and environmental agencies, power sector, polymer and plastic industries, sugar industries, academic and research positions in national and international organizations.

The Institute aims at producing professionals with strong background of theoretical and practical chemistry at graduate and post graduate level. It strives to produce graduates who can contribute and upgrade existing technological activities in the country and their professional brilliance is inseparable from commitment to the national goals.

Besides Organic, In-organic, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, the Institute is planning to start two more disciplines i-e Applied Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, for which syllabus has been prepared and approved.

In every academic year 45 students are registered in MS/M.Phil and 20 students in Ph.D. program. More than 130 students have completed their research work and have been awarded MS/M.Phil degrees and rests of them are engaged in their research and thesis writing. Similarly good numbers of Ph.D students are at the final stage of completion of degree.

The Institute of Chemistry envisions that amalgam of knowledge and modern technology in education, not only enhance the academic advancement but also pave an orientation to the applied research that can benefit the national and international community.

Institute of Chemistry is committed to produce knowledgeable graduates having necessary skills to seek meaningful
careers in various fields of interest.


  1. BS (Four year)
  2. M.Sc (Two Year)
  3. MS/M.Phil
  4. Ph.D.

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