Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan


Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Mir's), Sindh-Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Javaid Ahmed Mahar, Director


The Department of Computer Science was established as a full-fledged department in 1999 with the goal to offer high quality degree programs that ensure that students will be able to integrate theory and practice recognize the importance of abstraction and appreciate the value of efficient design created to meet clearly developed requirements. The department intends to prepare students for lifelong learning as they undertake professional careers in computing. The department has always close ties to the other departments of Physical Sciences/Natural Sciences of the University, even has increasingly experienced collaborations with all other disciplines/faculties outside Pakistan important to the University. It is through these collaborations that the importance of Computer Science in a broader sense is best appreciated.


To become a center of excellence in computer science education and research.

To produce computer science graduates to design and develop quality software solutions, be able to work successfully within challenging environments and will be good professionals.



  • To provide an understanding of the fundamental concept of computer science
  • To enrich our students with different computing languages, tools, and techniques
  • To make students capable of analysis, design, development, and evaluation of effective software systems
  • To develop effective oral and written communication skills in students
  • To prepare students for jobs/higher studies in computer science and related fields
  • To make students effective member of society


  • BS (CS) (Four-Year) (Morning & Evening Program)
  • BS (IT) (Four-Year) (Morning Program)
  • MS/MPhil (CS)
  • PhD

Faculty Members

Johnathan Doe


Johnathan Doe

Executive Director

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Marketing Director

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Additional Director

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