Educational Counseling & Guidance Center The students take educational course without realizing their potential, abilities and skills. The students will be provided guidance, counseling on the basis of scientific investigation to choose programs of studies suited to their genius. The students take course without realizing what vocation/occupation is best suited to them. Thus, there is a mismatch between what they choose and what they are best equipped for. This Center will help to minimize the mismatch and rush for disciplines that do not hold much promise for students’ future.
Library Facilities

The Central Library of Shah Abdul Latif University is a source of information for all graduate, as well as, post-graduate programs and also related material for research students. The Library contains 88351 books including 2265 Government publications. The Central Library consists of following sections:

  1. Circulation Section
  2. Acquisition Section
  3. Serials Section
  4. Book Bank Section
  5. Reference Section
  6. Binding Section
  7. Processing Section (comprising of classification, cataloging & labeling of books).
Gift of Books

In addition to books/journals purchased by the University, the Library also receive gifts of books/journals from central/provincial governments, State Bank of Pakistan, universities, research institutions, as well as, from international organizations, such as The Asia Foundation. During the years 2008-2009, 2250 books were received from The Asia Foundation and other donor agencies. In 2013, the Shikarpur Campus received a donation of more than one Thousand books for the Asia Foundation.

Internet Facility

Likewise the libraries of developed countries, internet facility has also been provided to the students, faculty and research fellows of the University for collection of information/material according to their need.


At present twenty daily newspapers in English, Urdu and Sindhi are subscribed for reference of students, teachers and research fellows of the University.

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Co-curricular Activities

The Students’ Advisory Committee regularly arrange seminars, quiz programs, debates, cultural shows and such other activities at the Campus. The students are facilitated to organize farewell and welcome parties in consultation with their Deans and Chairpersons of the respective departments. Magazines and souvenirs are regularly published by student societies, which are partially financed by the University. Intensive study tours and one-day study trips are also organized for the students by the University every year. The office of the Student Advisor is there to guide the students in all their academic and co-curricular activities.

Sport Facilities

Adequate facilities are available at the University for various games such as Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Shooting Ball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Athletics, Kabbadi & Malh. Sports activities are organized under the auspices of the University Gymkhana Committee. Every year the students participate in various games organized by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, such as Inter-Varsity tournaments arranged at various universities of Pakistan. Annual Sports week is also organized by the office of the Directorate of Physical Education, in consultation with Gymkhana Committee of the University.

Hostel Facilities

Shah Abdul Latif University provides five hostels for boys and three for girls. The accommodation available in the hostels is as under.

Boys Hostel
S.NoName of Hostel Rooms
1. Prof. Atta Muhammad Hami Hostel24
2. Sachal Sarmast Hostel48
3. Shahbaz Hostel30
4. 200 Boys Hostel68
5. M.Phil & Ph.D Researches Student Hostel50
Girls Hostel
S.NoName of Hostel Rooms
1. Noori Girls Hostel20
2. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Girls Hostel40
3. Bibi Fatima Zehra Girls M.Phil & Ph.D Researchers Student Hostel50
Others Facilities

Each hostel is facilitated with TV hall, mess hall, and Mosque. The hostels are well furnished and equipped with water coolers, washing machines geezers, gas cylinders and newspapers etc for the students, In the evening time a bus ply between the Campus and Khairpur twon every day and once a week for Sukkur. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are also available in each hostel. Medical doctor is available at the University dispensary between 4.00 P.M to 7.00 P.M.

Medical Facilities

Consultation and advisory health services are available for the students. A reasonably equipped dispensary and Pathological Laboratory are looked-after by two doctors and qualified staff at the Campus. The complicated cases are referred to specialists in the District Hospitals. The ambulance service is also available.